About Us

El Harissa

We are a family-owned restaurant, deli, market, and catering service based in Ann Arbor, MI that specializes in healthy and delicious food inspired by the flavors of North Africa and the greater Mediterranean region. Our recipes and techniques are influenced by the cuisine of Tunisia, Morocco, Italy, Greece, the Levant, and beyond.

The El Harissa Family

We (Susan, Khaled, Yusef, and Yasmin) are an Ann Arbor family with roots in Europe and North Africa. We opened our doors in the Winter of 2013 with only a vague idea of what to expect. We aimed to cook
healthy and distinctive food, and we wanted to provide the best service while remaining true to ourselves. Our hope was that this simple set of ideals would help us survive and grow. The subsequent 7+ years have surpassed any expectation that we had. Through the support of an incredible community of costumers who have become our extended family, we have built a unique and thriving business.

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